Saturday, October 05, 2013

LDS Conference, October 2013 Saturday Afternoon

Elder Packer- Living gospel standards creates a place of safety in a perilous world.   Book of Mormon written that evil may be done away.

The Lords requires that we turn from our sins and he will remember our sins no more.

Elder Christofferson- moral foundation of women. Mother's influence on children is unequaled. When the history of the Earth be told, will it involve gunfire or cradle lullabies.  Devaluation of marriage and motherhood undermines morality.  Equal opportunity promiscuity only serves to liberate men from responsibility but harm's women and children.  You cannot stand for virtue and entertain vice.

Elder Neilsen-  Now is the time for members and missionaries to work together. The Lord is hastening His work in its time.  65 passages in scripture that express strong feeling that end with an exclamation point.  Most involve missionary work!

Elder Venezuela- small and simple things can bring to pass great things. Naaman the Leper was healed.  Go to the rescue to lost sheep.

Elder Holland- Some suffer emotionally, "searching and contemplating the abyss." Pres. George Albert Smith battled depression before his calling.  God's love is there for you.  If we do not take time to be well we will take time being ill.  Seek a priesthood blessing and professional help.  We are more than our afflictions.  Do not vote against the preciousness of life by ending it. God can heal a broken vessel. Charity suffereth long, bareth all things and seeketh to endure all things.

Elder Ballard- Scripture commands us to share the gospel.  Pray for missionary opportunities and then demonstrate our faith.  Be positive, natural, sincere in a spirit of love. Their minds may change later when their circumstances will change.

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