Sunday, October 02, 2016

Sunday Afternoon General Conference October 2016

Elder Bednar- Only those who do the will of the Father. JST Ye never knew me" "Ye know me not".  If ye had known me ye would have known the Father. 1. exercise faith, 2. following, 3. serving, 4. believing Him.  True faith always leads to righteous behavior. We are to be doers not hearers only. Peter and Andrew left their nets.  Disciples are to take up their cross and follow Him. We are to emulate Christ.  Our desires align with His. Can we serve Christ but not believe Him?  Some don't think blessings apply to them. "Help thou my unbelief".   Believe Christ personally. Do we believe what we know. Give away all our sins to know Him.  Surrender our will to His. 

President Ashton- Atonement of Christ sets the conditions of salvation.  Doctrine is the means.   Being born again is a process.  Doctrine: 1. Faith by hearing, then doing, 2. Repentance. daily process of sanctification. 3. Baptism and Sacrament 4. Gift of Holy Ghost if we receive it. 5. Endure We are blessed even in trials until we possess every good thing.  Prepare for sacrament. Apply the doctrine of Christ.

Elder Cook- Put it in compound gear to get more torque.  Ward Council is like putting the engine in compound gear. Serving is an opportunity.  Excuses: i'm too old, I don't know enough, I'm to busy or too tired.  The Lord wants us to gear down and power up. Christ volunteered: "Here am I, send Me".   Just Serve! 

Elder Rasband- "crisis of faith". Heavenly Father are you really there?  Christ gave His life for us.  His final days were brutal.  Hel 5:12: "Remember, Remember".  Recall times when you felt the Spirit .  Remember the foundation of your faith.  Avoid things that detract.  Spirit will bring those things to your remembrance. To be learned is good if we harken to the counsels of God. Teach them to your sons and sons sons.  Feel and recognize the Spirit.  Journals will help your own words bring to your remembrance the spiritual witness and grace of God. Name children to scriptural heroes and faithful progenitors.  We may receive a prompting and then doubt later. How we quickly we can forget. As you faithfully serve and keep covenants your testimony will be protected from storms of doubt. Seek that which will edify. Do not forget. 

Elder Schmutz- View trials through eye of faith to see its purpose. Why do bad things happen to good people? Don't let temporary sorrow eclipse eternal joy.  We are to be obedient in any circumstance and faithful in tribulation. God will help us bare our trials.  Paul prayed about a thorn in his flesh. Brother in Philippines was saved from fire by his son but entire family was killed. He became a patriarch and remarried and had faith in Gods assurance of eternal family. Purposeful suffering can be ennobling.  God will wipe away all teats from our eyes. Endure well in faith. 

Elder Nattress- My angel mother's single goal written in her scriptures: "Patience with Brett."  Why are you reading the Book of Mormon to us every morning when I am even not listening.  "I was in a meeting with Marion G Romney who promised us if we would read the Book of Mormon to our children every day we would not lose them-- And I will not lose you".  Do our children know their Savior?  

Elder Renlund- Lit firecracker in overflow of Church. The smell distracted from the sacrament. I told the bishop was sorry.  He had me read, "He will confess them and forsake them". I "will remember them no more".  Without Christ repentance is behavior modification. Atonement can wash any stain but it will not be imposed.  Don't shift blame, excuse, minimize, or think it doesn't matter. We are agents to act and to choose. "What win I if I gain the thing I seek?"- Shakespeare. Now is the day of your salvation.  Immediately the plan of redemption will be brought about unto us.  We can feel joy and peace of conscience. 

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