Saturday, October 01, 2016

Saturday Morning General Conference October 2016

President Uchtdorf- appreciate the truths of the gospel and don't take them for granted.  Share the plain and great plan of happiness which answers the deep questions of the soul.  We are eternal beings, spirit children of God.  We are here because we choose to follow God's plan by our own free will. All will be resurrected and judged.  The faithful will be rewarded at judgement.  It will be a day of mercy. It will be a day of regret as well but we will be satisfied with the outcome. For the righteous it will be "the pleasing bar" of justice. What should we give in gratitude?  Live it and share it.

Elder Hales- Love Christ more and suffer less.  Love one another. Serve your fellow beings. Bare one another's burdens and doctrine.  Have faith to testify what you know to be true. Children are most important investigators.  Appreciate caregivers. Let the Savior be your caregiver. Do not permit children to quarrel. 

Sis. McConckie- pray always and not faint.  Parable of the just judge. Praying with faith means you are praying with willingness to obey and change.  If we ask, seek and knock with attitude to obey,we will find. God doesn't want us to suffer but turn to Him.  Holy Ghost will inspire us on what to pray.  Pray to know what God wants.

Elder Christensen- Joseph's Smiths name would be had for good and evil among all nations. Righteous will seek blessing constantly from under thy hand.  Joseph was chosen in the eternal council. Questions did not paralyze faith. Book of Mormon will strengthen faith.  Read it like Joseph. Little children are alive in Christ.  A choice Seer would be raised up. Joseph had not accomplished much at the time he translated about the prophecy of himself. Consider the fruit. 

Elder Uceda- God had listened to my voice but I had not listened to His.  I was warned by the spirit to not go to the Inca bridge 3 times but I gave in to peer pressure. God will teach us how to pray and what to pray for. Jesus prepared for prayer via fasting or walking in the mountains. Do we only pray when we are in trouble?

Elder Cornish- We are never good enough but are we acceptable before the Lord.  Don't compare or compete.  God loves and corrects but never discourages. Don't rationalize or rebel.  God wants us to pass. (Like medical school vs Law school). Atonement is for sinners and saints. We have not traveled beyond the reach of divine love.  Sin has consequences that may stay with us.  Beware premeditated sin is a mockery. (I can repent latter). Rebellion means "I don't need God or repentance".  We can't be saved alone or without trying.  We will be acceptable if we try and don't rationalize or rebel. 

Elder Anderson- Work of God is often unseen by the world.  Daniel interpreted Nebuchadnezzar's dream. God will set a kingdom that will stand forever. Keys restored to Joseph Smith. Start large puzzle by finding straight edges. God will assist us.  Pray for opportunities to stand as a witness. Confess Christ before men.

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