Saturday, October 01, 2016

Priesthood Session General Conference October 2016

Elder Holland- Hometeaching duty to watch over the church. Monthly visit is still the ideal. Dec. 2001: prioritize resources. Do visit each house. Make other contacts by email, text, facebook, phone call. It all counts.  Caring for members is most important. Comfort: 1. Holy Ghost, 2. Wife, 3. Hometeacher. Hometeacher listened to me until the sun rose again on my life. 

Elder Curtis- Ghana banned all church operations known as "the freeze". Faith strengthened in adversity. Church guard read the Book of Mormon and was converted.  Some people have powerful experience with the Book of Mormon the first experience.  Others have a more gradual and slow experience.  Book of Mormon brings us to Christ.

President Utchdorf- Alma the Younger opposed his father and God's church until an angel appeared and he placed his trust in Christ's atonement. Great example of repentance. Alma resigned from public office to devote 100% to the priesthood. Alma returned to Ammonihah, and found Amulek. Amulek knew the truth but would not believe.  But he opened his home to Alma and became a champion of truth. Lessons from Alma: 1. ask for help. 2. find your Amulek. Many want to serve God.  How are we like Amulek?  Are we currently less committed?  "David" left the Church after anti-Mormon literature but came back again. 

President Eyring- Elder Woodruff to the Southern States in 1834. I was baptized after the first sermon I heard of this Church.  Served first mission as a teacher, second as a priest.  The power is the same regardless of office so long as we are doing our duty.  We must watch ourselves and "perish not". Keep ourselves safe like stripling warriors.  

President Monson- 1833 Word of Wisdom. Specific direction of dietary does and don't.  Climbing up a 40 ft. rope, felt like he couldn't make it and cried out for help to God and was strengthened to make it to the top carrying a heavy radio. Keeping the Word of Wisdom we are entitled to God's blessing of health, strength, and stamina. 

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