Sunday, October 02, 2016

Sunday Morning Session General Conference October 2016


President Monson- Man's Search for Happiness at NY World's Fair.  LDS Doctrine answers questions of the soul of where we came from, why we are here, and the purpose of life.  We need to love the truth.  God's purpose is to bring to pass the eternal life of man.  We need to adopt the same purpose. 

Elder Nelson- Perilous times will come.  Lehi teaches spiritual survival. Lehi taught "Men are that they are to have joy." Even after extermination order, no one complained, all were optimistic, and cheerful.  Saints can be happy under all circumstances. Happiness depends on our focus.  Christ is the source of all joy. Afflictions will be a small moment and will be consecrated to our gain.  Joy of repentance and being clean. Suffering can be swallowed up in joy of Christ.  Disappointment, tragedy and chastening turned to joy. Korihor sought to interrupt joy.  Feel joy keeping covenants, forgiving and serving. In His presence is a fulness of joy.  Every day can be one of joy and gladness. 

Elder Meurs- 1. Prepare for Sabbath Day and partaking of sacrament. Participation in the Lords Supper helps us put off the natural man.  Helps us remember Christ and our covenants.  2. Arrive early. not a time to socialize. 3. Listen and learn from doctrinal hymns. 4. Spiritually participate. Ponder the meaning of the emblems of bread and water.   Are we willing? Fruits of the Spirit are promised to us.  5. Ponder on Christ. Ponder on the gifts of His resurrection and atonement, that we will be resurrected and not suffer as He did. Sacrament does not remit sin itself but the sanctifying Holy Ghost which follows.

Sister Reeves- Satan may try and convince us that the best thing is to protect others from the truth.  The right Christ-like thing is to confess and repent. There was broken-heartedness, embarrassment, discipline, anger, etc. Missionary was sent home after making a belated confession. He went home but came back. Pain of repentance is swallowed up in joy of forgiveness.  Greatest miracle is repentance and change of heart via the  atonement of Christ.

Elder Ballard- Intercessory prayer.  May we be one with our families and with God.  Many disciples walked away from Christ.  Christ asked his apostles, "will ye also go?"  People find many reasons to leave. "To whom shall you go?"  Consider the long-term impact. Never abandon Joseph Smith and Christ's Church. Give equal time. Don't give up your testimony. Time will eventually address your concern even if it now seems currently unexplainable. Were will you go for a culture of caring and standards? Where will you go to find temple covenants?  If we diligently search the answers will eventually come.  Support those with questions.   Storms will buffet the good ship Zion, remember that Christ is aboard and can rebuke the sea and the stark.  

Bishop Davies- Christ's appearance in America was accompanied by destruction. We come to Church to worship. We should seek to worship. Worship leads to hope. Hope leads to Charity and love for our fellowman.  Worship can transform meetings into a spiritual feast. 

Elder Robbins- Christ is the righteous judge and taught disciples how to judge. Condemning Pharisees didn't know the joy of rescuing lost sheep. Son of Man came to save.  Respond with compassion and understanding without shame, but not without discipline and chastening. Judge in Israel holds the keys to unlock the prison. Joseph Smith was disciplined. Heart-changing lessons require heartrending discipline.  Do not trivialize Christ's suffering. Remorse replaced by comfort. Reprove at times by Spirit not anger. Spirit of Lord is kindness, patience and not fault-finding.  How you see them = how you treat them.  Person to be loved > problem to be solved.

President Eyring- Gratitude is how we worship. Serve God and thank Him in all things and do all things in the name of Christ. God and Christ are the source of all blessings. Recognize God's hand in all things.  Be grateful we are there at all, for sacrament, for forgiveness.  God is building his kingdom quietly. We cannot see the effects of our service.  Church of God will be small, scattered, but glorious.  Submit cheerfully. God will honor His covenants He has made with His people.

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