Friday, November 25, 2005

Sin and Repentance

Any sin, no matter how small will keep us from entering into heaven for "no unclean thing can enter HIS prescence." However, there are those sins that are easier than others to repent of. Some sins are more serious because full restitution is not possible. Murder- you cannot bring someone back from the dead. Adultry/Fornication- difficult to restore trust, may result in broken family, children born into suboptimal family environment. Other sins are more serious because they also reflect the "hardness of your heart" or distance of your soul from the "light of Christ." However, through the grace of Jesus Christ we can repent and forsake our sins and be justified and sactified through his holy sacrifice.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post.

Sin widend the gap between us and God. Repentance narrows it.

We are all going to make mistakes. So each time we sin the choice seems simple; continue to widen the gap, or accept Christs atonement and begin the steps to narrow it.