Sunday, April 29, 2007

God: Our Heavenly Father

1. God is all-powerful, all-knowing, merciful, kind, and just. God is also holy (incorruptible, pure).

2. He has a perfected body and spirit, and righteous passions (Most Christians subscribe to the Nicean Creed created by a council of catholic scholars, which says that God is a spirit entity with no body, parts, or passions). This is based on one scripture that says “God is spirit.” And another scripture, which says “God is love.” However, the Bible talks about Moses talking to God face to face and writing the 10 commandments on stone tablets with his finger. Also, other Bible passages talk about God feeling anger, compassion, mercy, love, ect. LDS understanding is based more on just which Bible verses we interpret literally and which we interpret figuratively. The LDS understanding on God is based on direct revelation. Joseph Smith and Stephen the disciple saw Jesus Christ standing at the right hand of a perfect and glorified coporeal Eternal Father.

3. God is our Heavenly Father. The Bible talks about each of us being the spirit offspring of God and entitled to an eternal inheritance in the next life. This special relationship differs from the relationship between God and animals and plants.

4. In spite of our skin color, race, and ethnicities, all humans are spiritual brothers and sisters created in the image of God.

5. Because God is all-knowing, he looks down on us from heaven and sees all our actions and knows all of our thoughts and feelings. We can communicate with God through prayer and meditation. Mormons refer to God as Our Heavenly Father. The Bible tells us to be grateful so we give thanks for our blessings in prayer. The Bible tells us to “ask and ye shall receive” so we ask for divine assistance for what we need.

6. God communicate to us through his Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit permeates all things and is how God can be omnipresent or in all things. Through God’s Holy Spirit, He can direct us to do his will and manifest his approval of our actions by entering into our hearts. The Bible calls this communication the “still small voice” and says that it will cause “our hearts will burn within us.” This is the spirit of revelation and means that all people can speak with God.

7. Because God is perfectly kind, He not only knows the trials, adversity and pain we experience from moment to moment, but he cares and is waiting to help us. In our greatest trials Gods spirits can enter into our heart and give us comfort and ease our physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. God’s Holy Spirit is also called “The Comforter.”

8. There is no proof of God’s existence or nonexistence. But there are many, many evidences. Some people look at nature and see God in the wonder of creation. To some, the order of the universe, the beauty of the earth, how the physical constants are calibrated perfectly for life to exist testify that there is a great creator and architect of the heavens and the earth. Others believe the accounts of God appearing to certain men written in Holy Scripture like the Bible. And others believe because they have had a personal experience with God, felt his Holy Spirit in their heart, experienced a miracle, or an answer to prayer.

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Rickety said...

Very well done. I especially liked #8 as it explains different reasons why people believe in God, some of which I haven't thought of before.