Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Political vs. Spiritual Ideology

How would you describe your social-political ideology vs. your spiritual ideology? Would you describe yourself as a "social liberal" or a "social conservative"? Would you describe yourself as a "spiritual liberal" or a "spiritual conservative?"

In this country there are 2 major political ideologies: Liberalism and Conservatism. Both ideologies can be subdivided into Social, Economic, and Foreign Policy Liberalism vs. Conservatism. Although many people are not 100% Liberal or Conservative, this thread is focused on social political ideology vs. spiritual ideology. Libertarians are generally socially liberal and economically Conservative.

Social Liberalism:
Social liberals tend to support privacy, and personal rights over the good of society. Liberals tend to support sexual freedom, and use of psychoactive drugs, and favor abortion rights. Knowing that such unregulated personal liberty would result in harmful consequences for the poor, they support government taxation and programs to help the poor escape the consequences of bad life decisions as a direct result of unregulated personal liberty. Liberals would not trade personal liberty for security. Liberals consider themselves progressives in the sense that they feel our current culture and society represses personal liberty.

Social Conservatism:
Social Conservatives tend to support personal responsibility, and self-government. However, conservatives encourage legislation which limits personal liberty in exchange for security and the good of society. The speed limit is a good example. I may feel it is my right to drive 100mph on the highway and that I can drive responsibly and am no threat to others. But, a conservative would support limiting His personal liberty and the imposition of a 65 mph speed limit because he knows there are those on the highway who cannot safely operate a vehicle at that speed. Therefore, for the good of the many, a speed limit is appropriate. In that spirit, conservatives would tend to discourage sexual activity before marriage, discourage abortion, and psychoactive drug use. Conservatives consider themselves traditionalists in the sense that they feel the values and ideals of the founding fathers and in the scriptures should represent the ideals of our current society and culture.

Spiritual Liberalism vs. Conservatism
So, with an understanding of social liberalism, and social conservatism; how would you characterize your spiritual ideology. Does your spiritual ideology endorse personal responsibility for actions before God, repentance and sanctification (conservatism) or does your spiritual ideology more reflect the idea that Christ accepts us how we are, and the Christs atonement removes the consequences of sin (liberalism)?

Is your political and spiritual ideology the same? Why or why not? I think LDS tend to be social-politically conservative as well as being more spiritually conservative. We are more Judeo- than most Judeo-Christians with an emphasis on personal responsibility for sin, focus on repentance and sanctification (sanctification is a work of the Holy Ghost within us).

Yes, Christ accepts us for who we are, and can overcome the permenant effects of sin. But at the same time, Christ; who has power to overcome the effects of sin; also has power to overcome our sinful natures in this life. Often, that involves allowing us to face the consequences of sin in this world. Through the process of sactification by the Holy Ghost, The Book of Mormon and the Bible teach that Christ saves us "from our sins" and not "in our sins."

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