Thursday, September 04, 2008

God Lives!

Many LDS Christians begin their testimony or witness of their faith by saying, "I know that God lives and Jesus is the Christ." So, what do we as LDS mean when we say "God Lives?" Additionally, the scriptures do not only teach that God is the "Only True and Existing God" but the "Only True and Living God." So, what do the scriptures mean by emphisize that God is living? Well, according to science, to be a living entity requires certain specific criteria, characteristics, and inherent abilities. There is some variability in definitions, but generally speaking the short list goes like this:

Homeostasis: Regulation of the internal environment to maintain a constant state. Also, the ability to resist entropy or the tendency for matter to seek a state of increasing disorder.
Growth: Maintenance of a higher rate of synthesis than catabolism.
Response to stimuli: Interaction and response to its environment.
Reproduction: The ability to produce new organisms like itself.

So, according to the LDS understanding of the nature of God, God is alive. God exhibits spiritually analogous characteristics which satisfy the physical definitions as well.

Homeostasis: The scriptures teach that God exhibits the the characteristic of homeostasis because God is a God of order and is eternal and unchangeable in this sense.
Growth: The scriptures also teach that God exhibits the characteristic of growth because God is the creator and exhibits eternal progression. God is not a static being but dynamic and is unchangeable in the sense that He has never changed from His perfect course.
Response to stimuli: LDS scriptures also teach that God is able to respond to stimuli because God has a perfect and glorified body which is tangible.
Pro-creation: And the LDS know that God is all-powerful and has the ability to pro-create in that He can figuratively create spiritual offspring which can literally become like Him. In this sense the Bible refers to man as children of God and refers to God as Heavenly Father. Pro-creation as opposed to reproduction is achieved via the the mechanism of eternal parenting and does not refer to any physical mechanisms. Although the scriptures teach that God has the power and ability to both spiritually pro-create and literally physically reproduce as Jesus Christ is called the Only Begotten Son of the Father according to the flesh.

In conclusion, I would bare my witness that the God of the Universe Lives and exhibits all necessary spiritual characteristics of life, including homeostasis, growth, response to stimuli, and pro-creation.

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