Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Grace and Works

Some Christians criticize the LDS church for believing that water baptism, communion of the Lord's Supper, and LDS temple ritual are necessary to show our acceptance of Jesus Christ. Our critics claim that salvation is by grace alone and by nothing that we can do. However, LDS temple rites or baptism or communion do not deny grace. Its by the grace of God that we receive these ordinances. But that ordinances are required to show our acceptance of Christ does not destroy grace but shows that faith without works is dead just like works without faith is dead. Salvation by grace is not the issue. Ordinances demonstrate that faith and works are intergrally related and not mutually exclusive. There is no dichotomy between faith and works.


Eric Nielson said...

well said.

I always like to add that degrees of glory helps in understanding this as well.

Bruce in Montana said...

There is nothing that we can do to ever "deserve" the blessings we have. When we try, more blessings are added....or at least that is the way I've always thought of it.