Saturday, August 06, 2011

Pornography and Priestcraft

The scriptures relate the sin of idolatry (unfaithfulness to God) with adultery (unfaithfulness to spouse). Today's generation faces difficult challenges in both areas. False religion has spread like wildfire all over the world. So too, the plague of pornography is destroying marriages and families. In addition to being a Health Care professional, I am also an authorized spiritual and social therapist (ward missionary, home teacher). And while thinking about why these two sins are such a problem today, I came to the following conclusion.

The problem of pornography and idolatry is really the same problem. Science has proven that people have a sort of innate need for religion. Married men have a similar innate appetite for intimacy. So, why if the correct and appropriate God-given way to fulfill these needs and appetites are available do people turn towards counterfeits? The reason is because pornography like false religion doesn't make the same moral or relationship demands. Cleaving unto our wife, like drawing near to God, requires a whole lot of work. The eternal truth is that we absolutely require these moral demands to grow, and replacing them with anything else will not only hinder our growth, but also destroy our soul.

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