Friday, November 02, 2012

Mortality Prep Classes

LDS believe that everyone who accepts Christ will be saved and dwell in heaven. So, if that is so, what does being LDS get us? Why worry about sinning or not sinning with this body here and now when we will have better resurrected bodies later in the Millennium making it easier to not sin?

Because we will be judged (judge ourselves) on what we are doing now with this body. Why? Because while everyone who accepts Christ will be saved in heaven. Not everyone will be given the same jobs to do (or reward, calling, kingdom, crown, mansion, glory).

LDS believe spirit is eternal. Spirit cannot be brought into existence or annihilated. (it can be organized). Therefore, our spirits within us lived before we were born and will live on after our body dies.

Part of what it means to have Eternal Life, for LDS, is to be given Eternal Parenting responsibility to guide and prepare spirits to come to Earth to have their own mortal experience. So as you are preparing these spirits for "body drivers Ed". What are you going to tell them? Who do you think God wants teaching these "mortality prep" classes?

What would you say to spirits preparing for mortality? "The body, shoot!, Let me tell you." "life is an exciting ride, sometimes bumpy, but don't follow my example" " I could never really get control of that body". "it seemed it was driving me most of the time."

Are you preparing yourself to have the honor of teaching mortality prep? Who do you think God would want to be preparing His spirit children for mortality? Ask yourself, "could you teach a hypothetical 'mortality prep' class?" "Could you teach a hypothetical 'body drivers Ed' class?" What kind of calling or service could you expect to be doing for eternity?

A friend commented that if there is a veil over our memory, why would pre-mortal spirits need to be taught a mortality prep class before coming to an Earth? The answer is not only that we were taught and understood the gospel plan so we would be able to recognize truth again on Earth when we would hear it again, but I wonder if is possible that we could have planned out much of our life circumstances before coming to Earth.

If we know that all spirits who would come to this Earth assisted Jesus Christ in the creation of this Earth which will be the eventual eternal home to the righteous forever. We also know we were organized into families in the pre-mortal realm. Knowing this, is it too much of a stretch to think we may have planned out other details of our life, such as: what family we would be born into, what time period in history we would be born, what talents and weaknesses we would have?

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