Sunday, December 22, 2013

Oneness of God

It is critical to understand how the Godhead are 1 and how they are 3.

Separate and distinct wills perfectly unified in purpose:
1. God the Father and Jesus Christ are 1 in purpose but 2 individual wills. The 2-ness of wills is critical to the gospel. If Jesus Christ were the same person, being, and individual as the Father, what kind of feat would it be that Christ voluntarily submitted his independent will to the Father? Independent will is the essence of independent existence. Christ expression before the Atonement: "Not as I will, but as thou wilt" is the essense of the purpose of life.

Also, the fact that Christ subdued his independent will to the will of the Father is the essence of the definition of CHARITY = The Pure Love of Christ -- for the FATHER. It is because of the Love of Christ for the Father that Christ was empowered to do good and be good more than any other person. If Jesus Christ and the Father are the same person, being, individual then we are just saying that God loved Himself and was empowered for loving Himself and doing His own will. 

God the Son descends to elevate man to the perfection of God the Father:
2. God the Father and God the Son are 2 individuals in person and being in that Christ can condescend to our sinful state. God sent the Son to redeem man. Many believe that because they accept Christ, and Christ is in them and with them that they "have arrived" at their final destination. They forget that it is Christ mission not to just leave us as we are, but change us, justify, sanctify and perfect us until be can return in the presence of our Perfect Father in Heaven.

God the Father is a perfect and complete being:
3. God is complete and perfect alone. Christ said that we must be perfect as our Father in Heaven in perfect. The gift of Jesus Christ is an expression of God the Father's mercy however Christ was sent to Earth to perfect man, and not to perfect and complete God the Father.

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