Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Why LDS Mormons are True Christians and Not Pagan

Blood Atonement

1. Pagans practice blood atonement. Pagan's believe that shedding blood of virgins, babies, infidels or animals will appease the Gods and bring prosperity and safety . In reality America currently is behaving pagan-like, by engaging in pre-emptive war for safety. Catholics killing muslims or muslims killing Christians is all pagan blood atonement. 

Christ's atonement is the last great and infinite sacrifice which ends the sacrifice by the shedding of blood. LDS accept the infinite atonement of Jesus Christ. LDS receive the Lord's Supper as a sign of our acceptance of Christ's blood and acceptance that only through obeying Christ can we receive the safety and prosperity we desire and NOT blood shedding.  Again, safety and security can only be secured by repentance and a return to virtue and no other way; especially not by war and blood shedding (No, WW2 did not save us from the Great Depression).

Brigham Young was NOT teaching blood atonement in the Journal of Discourses, but teaching how individuals deal with seeming unpardonable sins. Some people believe they are stuck in sin and cannot ever be forgiven. BY using the example of Sherem in the Book of Mormon and the Malefactor crucified beside Christ taught that forgiveness is possible by accepting Christ, making a full confession, and voluntary submission to the penalty (death in Sherem's and the Malefactor's case under the strict Law of Moses).

Divinity of Christ
2. LDS teach the divinity of Jesus Christ. If Christ was not divine, His atoning blood sacrifice would not be infinite. Only God sacrificing His own blood could be an infinite sacrifice.

Not As I Will
3. LDS teach that God the Father and God the Son are 2 distinct individuals unified in purpose because the whole purpose of Christ was that He came to Earth and subordinated His will to the Father in all things: "Not as I will but as thou wilt". It is because of the charity or pure love of Christ-- for the Father that Christ was empowered to be good and do good, more than any other man. If Jesus Christ is the same being and will as the Father than we are saying Christ was empowered by doing His own will. That is the opposite of what the Bible is teaching. Pagan teaches "Do as you will". Christ teaches "Not as I will but as [God] wills." LDS teaches to follow Christ and give our lives in service to God and our fellow men.

Welfare and Virtue
James teaches that "pure religion" is to help the widow and fatherless in their affliction (welfare) and keep himself unspotted from the world. LDS care for and provide for our people as well as humanitarian service. LDS also teach virtue according to 1 Cor 5:11 (fornication, coveting, idolatry, railing, drunkenness, extortion). The LDS Church provides mechanisms to give confession according to the virtue requirements in 1 Cor 5:11. 

Pagan teaches hedonism that you can follow after the flesh and still be saved. False religion teaches that virtue is slavery and that we can still follow the flesh and if we say we accept Christ we are still saved without repentance. True Christianity says we accept Christ and Christ empowers us to repent. Pagans teach they are saved in their sins, Christ teaches that we are saved from our sins.

If we choose to follow the flesh we are bound to the unavoidable consequences of slavery and death. If we choose liberty and eternal life then we must bind ourselves by covenant to the commandments of God. This is the purpose of the LDS Temple. We must voluntarily bind ourselves to God's commandments or be involuntary slaves to the flesh (natural man).

Christian Ordinances
LDS offer the Christian ordinances of baptism by immersion and the weekly Lord's Supper.  True believers have always been baptized by water upon becoming Christian and partaken of the Lords Supper weekly as a sign of their belief and devotion. 

Christmas Caroling
These points are the essence of religious belief.  But with the Christmas season in mind, I just returned from Christmas caroling with my family to several neighbors.  I have gone Christmas caroling most years of my life since I was a child.  What pagan do you know who 
go out singing the sacred carols heralding the birth of Jesus Christ?

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