Sunday, May 11, 2014

Only Way to Preserve Freedom

A few people online asked what the Church should be teaching its membership with regard to the US Constitution and Free Government.  Joseph Smith taught the US Constitution was inspired of God and the freedom of religion preserved by constitutional government made the Restoration possible.

While it is important to understand the details of constitutional government, in reality there is no civics class or curriculum that alone can preserve free government.  Free government can only be preserved by moral and righteous people.  When sin and wickedness run rampant, poverty and corruption increase. Corrupt politicians can then gain power and influence by pandering to the poor and buying off the elite.  

Only by the keeping scriptural and church standards, temple covenants, and preserving traditional family values can we preserve the US Constitution.  Remember that the first thing that God did after delivering Israel from bondage in Egypt was give them the 10 commandments.  These commandment were not given to limit individual freedom or expression but were ment to preserve their freedom.

According to my military friends who have been to Iraq and Afghanistan, the best recruitment tool the enemies of the US have are Brittany Spears, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. US enemies tell each other, "Do you want your daughters to become like Brittany Spears?" "That is what will happen if you allow the morally corrupt American culture to take over".

The greatest fighters for liberty and freedom are 1. US/LDS Mothers, who give life and raise their children in the light of the gospel and appreciation of the Constitutional government. Sometimes It is necessary to take life and risk life for freedom. However, I think it is is far better to create a life for freedom. (The problem in Ukraine is that their are not enough Ukrainians and Ukrainain-speakers living in Eastern Ukraine) 2. LDS Missionaries who are teaching people to keep the commandment of God which are the principles of freedom.

"Let us all stand fast in that liberty wherewith God has made us free!"

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