Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Joseph Smith and Constitutional Government

Someone posted online the idea that Joseph Smith ran for US President with the intention to replace the US Constitutional Government with a higher order of Celestial Government and that Joseph Smith revealed his secret anti-American intentions to a secret "council  of 50". 

This post feeds into a false idea that Joseph Smith, Mitt Romney, and all LDS members are fundamentally "anti-American" and "anti-US Constitution".  Nothing could be further from the truth.   I think it is a very false idea to suggest that Joseph Smith secretly intended to commit treason against the United States. 

Does this suggestion of treason claim Joseph Smith just was going along with the US Government, like it was a "stepping stone" to something better and he intended to run for US president and take over and supplant constitutional government with his United Order?  is this suggesting that Joseph Smith called a secret council of 50 and revealed to them his treasonous intentions?  Seems like roumors and slander to me.

1.  These kind of baseless "anti-American" roumors and slanders against Joseph Smith is exactly what led to all the LDS persecution, the Mormon war, the extermination order, etc etc.  

2. These kind of "anti-American" roumors were used to raise suspicion against Mitt Romney.  If Mitt understood his religion he would gladly talk about how America-loving and US Constitution-loving the LDS religion really is.  In fact he should divert every religion question to this point.

3. Satan used these "anti-American" roumors and suspicions against Joseph Smith together with the nationalism and patriotism of the Missouri and Illinois residents to justify all the abuses, persecutions, and eventual expulsion of LDS

4. If we continue to spread these false roumors and suspicions, how are we any better than the persecutors back then?

5. Joseph Smith taught again and again the US Constitution was given by God and is akin to scripture. What other church teaches that?

6. Joseph Smith taught that America and NOT Israel is the promised land and place of freedom, liberty, and gathering for the tribe of Joseph and the 10 tribes of Israel.

7. Joseph taught that the Millennial Kingdom of God will NOT be a Theocracy (Theocracy is a Catholic doctrine) but will still be governed with a separation of Church and State. The Book of Mormon and the Bible in Judges teach that this separation is the ideal.  Even in the Book of Abraham this is suggested in the facimilies when discussing "Oliblish" that stands next to "Kolob" in authority. 

8. Joseph's Millennial Kingdom was to be governed by 2 capitals:Jerusalem in Israel and Zion in America. One would be the religious capital and the other the capital of the government.

9. Joseph's idea of constitutional government is anti-socialist. According to James 1:27: it is the business of religion and not the state to offer welfare services and encourage virtue.  That is because the state will treat symptomatic welfare issues but not get at the virtue issues which are at the root cause of poverty.

10. The State has jurisdiction when one citizen harms another citizen (distributing recreational drugs).  Religion has jurisdiction to discipline and rehabilitate when an individual is violating laws of virtue and only harming themselves (abusing themselves with recreational drugs). 

11. Joseph's United Order and Safety Society were not a civil government system but a US Constitution-friendly economic system.  Capitalism is not a part of the LDS faith nor is it a part of US Constitutional government.  

12.  The US Constitution specifies that Congress should have power over the US credit and currency and NOT the calitalist nor the bankers.  We did not vote for the capitalist or the bankers with our dollars such that these "special interests" can use their unelected economic Machiavellian power to oppress us through debt, controlled media propaganda, and monetary influence over our civil elections.

13. I fully expect the US Constitution to be " the governing civil law" in the Millennium (Isa 33:22).  Again, separation of Church and State is a major theme of the Book of Mormon.  The State needs to get out the welfare business of religion not by cutting the poor off but by religions doing its job so that state welfare is no longer needed.

For the Lord is our judge (Judiciary), the Lord is our lawgiver (Legislative), the Lord is our king (Executive); he will save us. (Old Testament, Isaiah, Isaiah 33:22)

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Mark said...

Appreciate your comments David. I saw the posts on LDSFF trying to make the case of Joseph being guilty of treason and had to laugh out loud at the absurdity of such a claim. Joseph was truly a patriot in every way. He was an advocate of constitutional principles and believed in liberty and freedom deeply. I was booted from the forum for exposing apostate leanings in many of the posters including mods. Otherwise I would have backed your common sense approach to this. Continue in your advocacy of righteous principles. It is needed now more than ever in a world steeped in wickedness. My best to you in your righteous pursuits.