Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Return to Virtue and Freedom

Roman democracy fell through a series of straightforward steps: 1. secret combinations shipped in drugs and promoted promiscuity (Silk Road and Pompeii), 2. chemical abuse and promiscuity lead to greater poverty (idleness and illegitimacy),  3. Church slacks in its prime responsibility of welfare and virtue.  4. Puppet dictator comes to power promising social justice offering socialism and welfare without virtue or accountability (enables and exploits poor), 5. Demoralized citizens no longer can recognize or resonate with truth. (educating and informing isn't enough) 6. Slow erosion of liberty and freedom, (poor and socialist manipulated to vote away rights) 7. Rome imperialism and expansion necessary to resupply economy with liquidity via perpetual tribute due to a perpetual trade deficit with China.  8. Rome is no longer self-sufficient economically or militarily and was forced to hire barbarians to supply Legion with men.  9. Rome perceived as the "bully" of the world, 10. Roman citizens marginalized Barbarian immigrants, exploiting their labor but never assimilating them into their society. 11.Bankrupt Rome was overthrown and divided by an insurrection of foederati barbarians from within and without. 

In Roman Times, there was the Western Roman Empire with the capital in Rome and the Eastern Roman Empire with the capital in Constantinople.  The elite lived in Venice, Cypress, Malta, Rhodes, Crete (Venetian Black Nobility), controlled trade in the Mediterranean like the Phoenicians before them, and fomented war between the East and West, profiteering on the continual war.

Saving America and Constitutional government can only be achieved by beginning with a return to virtue. John Adams said, "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."  The king-men who often control and over-through governments via their magicians and advisors who usurp power through promoting sin and poverty and then instituting socialism.  

The US Constitution says that the federal government should "shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof".  Welfare and marriage are 2 major institutions of religion. Welfare and marriage are the business of religion and the Federal Government therefore should not make any laws concerning them whatsoever. Instead, government has taken over marriage and welfare and has, in reality, become its own religious institution. 

Drug abuse should not by itself be illegal. There can be no law about harming yourself.  Addicted persons trapped in patterns of self-abuse need rehab not jail. However, drug distribution is illegal.  The distributer harms the addicted buyer.  The intent of use is tied directly to recreational vs. medicinal form of the chemical substance. This is exactly the legal basis of the 18th Amendment on alcohol prohibition which prohibited distribution of beverage (recreational) alcohol only. 

Same-gender marriage is illegal first because the federal government and especially the federal courts are not to rule on what is a religious institution but also because the difference between civil union and marriage is the right of 2 people to biologically procreate and then responsibility to nurture their offspring. Children have the right to receive a genetic inheritance from a male and female and to be raised by a mother and father who honor their marriage vows. Advanced fertility allowing male-male or female-female offspring  harms that offspring (denies them a full genetic inheritance) as do couples who violate their marriage vows. Same-gender couples should be free to live together and receive all insurance and tax and inheritance benefits of any other couple. But the difference between marriage and civil union is children.

The first step in America's return to virtue is a return to Sabbath observance. This need not even be a religious issue necessarily. Let Muslims observe Friday, Jews and Adventists Saturday, Christians Sunday, and Atheists whatever day they choose.  Let atheists respect nature and devote time to community or environment.  But observing a day of rest, family and community service orients us on what is most important in life and empowers greater self-restraint and disipline and higher humanity in all aspects of life. 

America is blessed above all other nations because of our vast mineral and natural resource wealth and the ease of growing food in the Mississippi River Valley.  This ease of food production led to specialization and technological innovation.  However, techological innovation can then led to gross slothfulness where US citizens are no longer self-sufficient or do much of anything for themselves including procreate.  Will the US become ripe for destruction like so many Empires before it, becoming no more than forgotten chapters in history books. 

The problem of poverty is a threat to our freedom and only religion can effectively answer it through providing welfare together with an expectation of virtuous living. We need to reestablish observance of the Sabbath Day and create a society that once again champions sobriety and chastity.  

Education alone is insufficient to change things in America because truth does not resonate in the corrupt mind. To the demoralized person, truth is silly, offensive and even becomes repulsive. The first and only hope for America is a return to virtue beginning with Sabbath day observance.

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