Sunday, August 28, 2016

Expansive Universe and Brief Mortality

As we build bigger and bigger telescopes that can capture and resolve more and more light, we can see further out into the universe and further back in time. Although no man has seen the edge of the universe, science estimates that universe may be 13.82 billion years old. The Earth itself is believed to be 4.54 billion years old.  As we look out into the universe we also are witness to some of the most powerful and violence events including cannibalizing black holes, exploding supernovas, gamma ray bursts and colliding galaxies. 

Considering the apparent size of the universe and age of the Earth, it is a sobering thought to think that God created it all so that a few of His children to come down on small little Earth's like ours and have a brief mortal experience for just 6000 years.

As we learn about the history of the Earth, we learn of the great epochs of its history that prepared its soil and atmosphere for the family of Adam and Eve to dwell with relative safety and comfort.  When we consider the Great Flood in the days of Noah and the Great Burning that is to come in the Last Days; I am saddened at human-kinds ability to so quickly spoil this Earth in such a very short period. 

God taught that if He did not bring judgement and come quickly, hastening his coming in the Last Days the whole Earth would be wasted at his coming and there would be no flesh left upon the Earth. 

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