Wednesday, May 23, 2018

LDS Prophet’s and Apostles

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is led by Prophets, Seers, and Revelators.  Outsiders may be tempted to ask, “well if your leaders are prophets, then what have they prophesied?”   Firstly, the first responsability of a prophet is to “prophesy”.  Prophesy doesn’t have so much to do with mystically predicting thr future as it does professing Christ. Every LDS prophet and apostle has tirelessly and courageously testified that Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ and the divine Son of God.  

The next responsibility of prophets and Aposyles is as a “seer”.  Seers see things as they really were, are, and will be.  Many of the problems we face in this world is due to a corrupted understanding of history which leads to a warped sense of our present reality and perspective.  These warped perceptions lead to an inability to predict the future. True prophets have a clear vision of the true past, present, and future.  Their clear vision can provide the clarity necessary for us to make the best life decisions. 

Lastly, prophets are “revelators”.  This last designation involves reveling things that have never been known and occasionally revealing needed information about future events.  These revelatuons are not common and are not done as some sort of parlor trick to impress people. Flashy miracles in the Old Testament were not daily occurrences.  Signs are promised to follow those who believe, but most miracles are private and individual. Remember that Christ charged most of those he healed to “tell no man”. Christ sought disciples who believed based on faith and not free bread and fishes.

Most doctrine is revealed through the dispensation leader.  Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Peter were dispensation leaders that received a greater portion of revelation needed for their time.  The dispensation leader of our day is Joseph Smith. All major doctrines, ordinances, observances were first revealed to Joseph Smith.  Our responsibility now is to share them and live them.  However, in my own lifetime, I have witnessed many great and wonderful revelations and developments in Christ’s Kingdom.  Here is a short list:

1. We are the generation of the Second Coming
2. Area Authority 70’s
3. Portent of Stormy Weather/Housing Crash
4. Family Proclamation - predicted attack on family values
5. Living Christ - predicted attacks on historicity of Christ’s life
6. New Temples - 47 to over 150 temples.
7. Hastening the Work
8. Missionary Age
9. Ministering
10. No more BSA/Scouts
11. Warnings about pornography
12. Use internet/social media to spread gospel and research family history. 

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