Saturday, January 13, 2007

Fathers and Mothers in Zion

The LDS Proclamation on the Family states that Father’s in Zion have the primary responsibility to see that the families temporal and spiritual needs are met. This means that I have the primary responsibility to be the breadwinner, and to make sure my family is doing our family scripture study, family and personal prayer, church attendance, and family home evening. Through interviews and activities, I try to assess how each member of the family is doing temporally and spiritually.

Mother’s in Zion have the primary responsibility to see that the emotional and psycho-social needs of the family are met. My wife schedules most of our recreational activities and is in tune with how each member of the family is doing on an emotional level. This kind of assessment is much more difficult than assessing temporal needs.

This has nothing to do with whose divinely appointed to do the dishes or make decisions for the family. House chores need to be shared and divided however is acceptable between the husband and wife. Also, this doesn't mean that mothers can't participate in temporal or spiritual matters and father's in psycho-social and emotional issues.

When it comes to family desision making, both husband and wife should be equal partners. Just think what would happens when one spouse makes a decision and says, “this is what I feel we should do” and the other is just told to accept it. When the road gets difficult than Satan can use that as a wedge. The other spouse can say, “This is all your fault, I never felt good about this decision in the first place.” Other the other hand, If both husband and wife make decisions together; when the going gets tough, they can say to each other, “It’s tough, but we both felt good about it, this is God’s will, and if we are patient, pray, and have faith; things will get better.”

2 Cor. 6: 14 "Be ye not unequally yoked together"

Inspired by Zelophehad’s Daughters

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