Sunday, May 16, 2021

Lesson of Leman Copley

Leman Copley was an LDS convert who had came from the Shaker community. Despite his initial conversion and zeal, Leland was unable to leave certain Shaker beliefs and traditions behind and eventually returned to it. The new Church had to deal with lots of outsider belief (eg. speaking in tongues, estatic experiences,  racism). Incorrect tradition was a stumbling block many times.  Sometimes past traditions don't mix with truth. 

Copely let Saints live on his land. Land Act 1820 allowed people to buy 160/80 acres at a time. Leland had 700 acres and allowed Coleville Saints to live on his land .  Leland got mad at some unfair criticism and kicked Saints from their homes, off his land, and charged back rent. 

The Coville Saints were sent to Missouri to lay the foundation of Zion. This episide was the basis of the  United Order and covenant and deed which cannot be broken.  160 acres is more than you could need, or even want. Excess was to be given to Bishop to divide up to the Saints and not rented in a manner to exploit other. 

One day, God's people will need to be willinh to leave behind our false economic traditions to establish Zion. 

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